Produse Windows

Multifunctional windows

  • Climate Control windows efficiently combine such features as thermal efficiency and solar control
  • Multifunctional windows’ glass forms a barrier to avoid heating losses and, at the same time, reflects maximum solar radiation
  • Argon Gas Climate Control double-glazed window combines extremely high sun protection, energy saving and sound insulation properties.

Laminated safety windows

  • Laminated safety windows consist of two or more layers of glass assembled with one or more layers of polyvinyl butyral.
  • If the glass breaks, a large part of the glass fragments remain in place thanks to the polyvinyl butyral foil.
  • Safety Protect windows will be used in any situation where increased sound insulation performance is needed.

Soundproofing windows

  • Glass laminated with acoustic PVB foil ensures significant attenuation of external noise
  • It represents a mechanical resistance and safety performance identical to those of Triplex glass
  • The optimal solution for offices, banks and spaces with special requirements for sound insulation and burglary protection is needed.

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