Questions and answers

1. Is it possible to install nets against insects on plastic windows?

Of course, because a net against insects is needed during the summer, when insects are particularly active. Moreover, the mosquito nets also protect against poplar fluff. This is particularly important, because it is impossible to escape from this fluff until the end of July.

2. Is it true that plastic windows are melting in the sun?

No, this is not possible because heat-resistant materials are used in the manufacture of plastic windows, which are not only able to withstand summer heat, but are also more reliable compared to wood or aluminum in a situation of fire.

3. How to take care of PVC windows to extend their life?

Caring for plastic windows is quite simple and does not require much effort. To make sure the windows are in order, it is enough to remove them from dirt and dust. The windows hardware needs to be greased twice a year, with oil that does not contain acid and tar. In order to maintain the elasticity of the rubber used in the hermetically sealed windows, it is recommended to clean and process them once a year, using a pencil or spray based on oil. However, the lifetime of PVC structures measured in decades.

4. What is the best way to wash plastic windows?

The way to care for the plastic profile is as follows: wash it with a simple solution of soapy water or use special solutions that do not contain chlorine, abrasive substances or acetone. Specialists recommend the use special professional solutions for cleaning PVC windows, which can be found in specialized stores or at PVC profile suppliers.

5. What can be done with scratches on the frame?

There are professional solutions to remove the scratches on the PVC profiles. In any building materials store there are a lot of grommets for the restoration of PVC profiles. We can recommend a German rectifier for PVC Cosmofen RM, which is specially designed for this purpose and has viscosity properties, so it does not extend on vertical surfaces.

6. Do I need additional insulation of plastic windows and how to do it?

No, it is not necessary, because one of the conditions for modern windows is the high level of insulation. And it should be sufficient to ensure comfortable living conditions. The optimal solution to this problem is insulating glass.

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